Through The Night


After attaining a means of direction, the night no longer feels dark. Elated, you proceed without fear. Though it’s night and still dark, you feel covered in light; totally certain of where you are going. Approaching dawn, you are on the last leg of their journey, your destination in sight.

G - I was helping my Dad on his farm one day when a melody popped into my head. It was Marcile singing a phrase at her graduation: "...taking me through the night". After writing about all this hurt and pain, confusion and lostness, what would it be like to finally be 'through the night'? It would be like spring returning after a long and treacherous winter. It would be elation; a reinvigoration, a resurgence. After writing an entire album about a long night journey, it was time to write about the coming of dawn. Not dawn arriving, but the coming of dawn. "Wouldn't it be so amazing to know you aren't alone? After all of that*?" we thought to ourselves, (that* referring to the rest of the album up till this track) one night as we wrote the song's lyrics (photo of the writing session Nov. 2016 below).

As the song kept evolving, the sonics were honed to reference this idea of ignited elation. When the chorus nears, anticipation builds. The chorus breaks out with shimmery, illuminated, surges of light; all of this done to evoke feelings of joy and bliss. I intentionally made this song more happy and dancy & found it fun to make a song with this colour after completing an album with alot of pensive tones.

M - To me, Through the Night is a celebration. It is the last song on the album and interestingly brings with it a sense of both* finality and* anticipation. Though it's chapter closing, it's not the whole book; there is more to the story. To me this song is about about letting go of pain and doubt. Its about grabbing hold of those you love and running towards more*; more than you could imagine or accomplish on your own. In alot of ways it’s about arrival, but to me it’s also about a decision to keep pursuing.

G - The above photos (minus the Marcile photo) are documentations of a very impactful trip I made to Vancouver in April 2015. On this trip I did a lot of exploring and absorbing of my surroundings at night, as during the day I was busy visiting family or working on arranging audio (note the daytime photo with the MacBook and Starbucks). All this time spent in Vancouver's downtown core at night really infused my production on Through the Night. I tried to capture the buzzing energy of the city and add that to the energy of this song. Vancouver is a happy place for me so it was great to work on this song in the heart of the city.

M - The "Says"at the beginning of the song (above) are the end result of yet another one of Garett's idea's that he kept secret from me. All that he communicated was that he wanted me to do ad-libs, singing the word "Say". After doing several takes I really wanted to know what his plan was with these. He finally played the finished product and I fell in love with it, it was the perfect way to start the song.