GALAXXIES Biography / Press Biography

GALAXXIES is a multi genre electronic music project fronted by music producer Garrett Gengler and vocalist Marcile Wilmot. The duo met while attending high school in Leduc, Canada and began creating music out of experimentation and a shared desire to create meaningful art. Wilmot, born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica, lived there until she immigrated to Canada at age 12. Gengler, raised in Leduc on a farm, returned to record music with Wilmot after attending courses at the University of Alberta and the Alberta College of Art and Design. 

As their recordings progressed they began collaborating with a variety of musicians and vocalists while continuing to hone their sound; pulling inspiration from a variety of genres, sound textures and musical influences. Through travels and experiences Gengler developed a catalogue of recorded sounds that he began to use in the compositions that would become the duo's first works; fleshing the songs out on a road trip to the Canadian West Coast with Wilmot.

The duo amalgamate a wide range of sounds and genres; keeping a modern, creative, and soulful core. From soft ballads, to recording the ocean or the clattering of stones, to hurricane-like synth textures; the duo feels their boundaries are limitless and strive to walk lyrical and sonic roads less travelled.